Slides navigation won't move forward after revisiting the quiz slides nor backwards. I have to use the "Menu." Don't want to use the "Menu" option.

I created a course in storyline 1. I set up lessons and at the end of each lesson there is a knowledge check (KC) questions. I run through the first lesson and answer the KC questions. Now I move on the 2nd lesson but realize that I want to go back and review some information on the 1st lesson. When I click Prev the course will only let me go as far back as the last KC question. It will not let me go passed that last KC question. I did incorporate a menu in the course so I can move freely with the menu but I can't navigate freely with the "Next" and "Prev" buttons.

So in other words, when entering a previous less, the system won't let me proceed beyond that lesson without going back into the "Menu" and selecting where I want to go next.

How do remove this barrier so that I can move freely when revisiting lessons?

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Larry Richmond

This also solved the exact same problem we experienced with our courses.  No one would ever know the problem exists except if you returned to a Knowledge Check question at the end of a Scene and it just gets stuck.

I realized what was going on since the slide property is set to "Automatically decide" When revisiting. The problem could have been resolved also by changing this property to "Reset to initial state" but that is not the default and we did not want students to have to answer the question again.

A Trigger was added to jump to the specific slide but that added a next button which would allow a student to advance passed the Knowledge Check.  How adding it through the slide property, copying it, deleting it from the slide property, and then pasting it back again works, is a mystery and maybe does not deserve explanation but we are just thankful to have resolved this problem.