Imported PowerPoint Slides, Triggers are replicating and cannot be broke.

Oct 25, 2016

Hello, I'm relativity new to Storyline 2 and I have a problem I cannot solve. I cannot seem to find a post that discusses this issue. I created my charts in PowerPoint and imported them.  All is fine except for when I create a trigger jump to another slide. The scenario is as follows: I ask the student a question and have answer A, B, C.  Answer A jumps to slide 1.1; B jumps to 2.2 and C 3.3.  When I create a trigger on answer A it automatically duplicates on B and C. If I try and edit, B and C, they all change.  I can't seem to 'break' the trigger. Any advice? 

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Ali Goulet

Hi D,

Thanks for letting me take a peek at your file! I wasn't able to reproduce what you're describing. I added in two more triggers to Slide 1.5 for the other two options to jump to their designated slides. Each trigger seems to function as desired. I've attached your file here that I added the triggers to for you to take a look at. Please let me know if I've overlooked something. 

If this is something that is continuing to happen, I would first like to verify that you're adding the triggers to the slide itself and not a slide master, as the slide master will apply it to other slides. Second, please make sure that you're working from a local drive, working from a network can cause some unwanted behavior. Lastly, you'll want to be sure that you're running the latest update for Storyline 2, update 11

Keep me posted! 

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