Imported PowerPoint to Storyline 360 will not then allow Template Master to fully Apply

I have imported a simple PowerPoint with nothing but text into a new storyline file. I then try to apply a master template but only the font choice and font size will be applied. The font color will not. Any ideas why?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Without getting too wonky on the nuances of the templates: the templates have light and dark styles. The text in the template looks like it's using one and the text on the slide is using the other. You can see how they work if you go to the design tab and switch background styles between light and dark.

The first four colors are for light/dark and then the 6 colors are accent colors. If you create a custom color theme you'll see the distinction. 

Most people use the white for white and black for black, which works most of the times. But if applying a different template it may not, as you experience.

The easiest thing is to switch them manually. 

On a side note, if you stick with accent colors, they do switch dynamically as you want. In workshops I recommend making accent 5 and 6 black and white. If you use those for black and white consistently, then it'll work as you want.