Importing parts of translation

Sep 30, 2017

Is it possible to only import parts of a translated document? I already did the quiz questions for the translated course in Storyline2, so I just want to import the translations for the slides, but not the questions. If I just delete the questions (row from the table) from the translated document, then import, does that work? Will it just leave what it doesn't see in the translation document unchanged?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there Crystal.  ☺️

I haven't tried removing certain sections from the translation document before importing back in.  But what I would have recommended is to bring the question slides into another file, and take them out of the project.  Then perform the translation export, and once complete, bring your question slides in.

You can always save a backup file, and try with removing the sections, as well.  Let me know how you make out!

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