Importing PowerPoint files

Jun 10, 2022

I am importing a PowerPoint file into Storyline 360 and the result is that the fonts do not import correctly. They are much smaller than the text in the original PowerPoint file.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Dave

is the PowerPoint slide size the same as the story size? Try changing the size of the Storyline Slide Size before importing your PowerPoint? Go to Design > Side Size Setup in Storyline.

This comment from Mike Enders on another similar post

If your PowerPoint presentation is set at the standard Widescreen (13.3333 x 7.5 inches), then you'll need to set Storyline to 16:9, choose a custom slide size and set Storyline to 1280x720. Then import the PowerPoint slide into SL. 

The font sizes should then match. Another potential issue is the dpi on your machine. That can also throw things off. A dpi of 96 is what I'm assuming in the above settings.