Importing Powerpoint Issues

Mar 14, 2019

Hi Everyone

Im currently using Storyline 360 and having an issue with importing Powerpoint Slides. When I import (or cut and paste) a slide with multiple objects (images, text boxes, etc) they become one image in the storyline so that I cannot select each image separately for editing. I never seemed to have this issue when just using Storyline 3 however this now seems to be a problem (or could be the ppt settings as well.) Any advice?

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Katie Riggio

Hey, Steve. Sorry you're running into that!

Let's iron out some key details so we can explore our next steps:

  • Are your Storyline and PowerPoint files saved to a local hard drive?
  • Do you experience this problem with multiple slides or a particular one?
  • With your permission, we'd like to take a closer look at your PowerPoint file. It'll help us see what's going on and we'll delete it after troubleshooting. If that works for you, you can send the file to us privately in a case here. We'll import it into Storyline 360 and let you know our findings!
Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lara,

Storyline defaults to 720 pixels wide by 540 pixels high (4:3).  If you're importing from PowerPoint or any project where the slide size differs, open a new project in Storyline first, and change the story size.  Once you have the size set, import the slides from the other project.

Let me know if you're running into difficulty following this process.

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