Importing powerpoint slides into an articulate 360 template

Oct 06, 2019


I have a course template set up on storyline 360 with set designs/fonts/backgrounds etc. I want to import old designed course content from powerpoint slides into this new 360 storyline template, but I am having difficulty. I was under the impression that when you import the powerpoint slides into the new template they would adjust to the new template design. I am just wondering if I have to go through each powerpoint slide individually adjusting them to the new format, or whether there is a quicker way to have them automatically adjust to the new template design?I am wondering if this would possibly be connected to slide master settings.


Appreciate any help on the matter :-) 


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dave faldasz

Hi Ronan!

Good topic: I need this info myself... for next time (there's always a next time)

Yep, I went thru the same pain recently with over 70 PPT slides. I compounded my problem by going from 4:3 slide size PPT to 16:9... it did not go well (lol). You are right: Slide Master settings helped, but is was not a click/import & go.

The conversion has to go from apples to apples: the destination slide size should equal the source slide size. Many PPT features pop right over - a few, not so much. Both need the same fonts available.

I did a quick search in here and found staffer Katie commented about PPT file locations:

"...To start, can I confirm if you're working locally (typically your C: drive)? Working on a network drive or an external (USB) drive is known to cause wonky behavior–like incorrect formatting."

I also found in here, a nice list of what PPT features are/aren't supported in Storyline:

I found some damage control notes in here on what to look at, if you cannot successfully import the PPT into Storyline360:

I'm sure some others will share some tricks on this process (please, please).

hope that helps.
and it all ports over smoothly for you



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