Importing Questions - How to insert Questions in a slide with preset triggers

Jul 14, 2018

Hi all,

I want to import 350 questions via Excel-file. So I use in Storyline: File - Import - Questions from File. 350 multiple choice questions.

Right now all questions with answers will be imported in 350 slides with no triggers and so on. The slide is blank without any triggers. I would have to manually create 750 triggers. 

My goal is: I want each question to be imported in a slide that will contain 3 triggers. So about 750 (3 triggers x 350 slides = 750) triggers will be created. I currently have that template slide with 3 triggers. I know that Storyline would add a number to the variable name if I copy a slide with triggers within an scene. So this could be an approach for my goal....perhaps.

How can I achieve this goal?

It would save so much time.





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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hej Thorsten, have you tried setting up a master slide that has those triggers? If that's possible you could just change the layout of those imported questions to the layout that has them on the master slide. Haven't tried it yet and it would probably depend on the triggers. Adjusting the Master slides can be done via: View > Slide Master

originally I thought you could simply copy-pasting them by selecting all imported slides in Story view and doing a CTRL-V to paste your copied triggers. Allas that is not working. Even when I select all slides and do a paste action it just puts them on the first selected slide #FEATUREREQUEST


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Thorsten,

I'd agree with Jeff, you may want to set these triggers and items up on a slide master, and then after importing your questions in apply the layouts.

You can copy/paste individual triggers within a slide, and duplicating a slide would also keep access to those triggers on a new slide. 

We always love to hear about new ideas or feature that would help your process, so I’ll be happy to pass your thoughts on to our product team, but you can also feel free to detail them more through a feature request!

Thorsten H.

Hi there,

thank you for your posts.

Unfortunately it isn´t working. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. I have attached the storyline-file.

I have not only three triggers, I have also 3 variables.

All is not copied when assigning a master or master layout to the slides.

I have a question bank, the first Questions including the Q1.4 have all the correct triggers. I want to assign the imported slides Q1.5 to Q1.12 all those triggers and variables. For the variables I need for each slide their own variables. So slide Q1.4 has its variables Q4Passed and Q4Firsttime. So for Question Q1.5 the variables should be Q5Passed and Q5Firsttime and for Q1.6 they should be Q6Passed and Q6Firsttime and so on.

Perhaps Storyline is limited here?

Help is soooooo appreciated.

Kind regards,


If you are interested, all Triggers and variables are:

### Triggers on all slides ###
Triggers of the menu slide:
OnlyNewQuestion = Right, if user clicks Button "start with all unanswered questions"
QFirsttime = False, when user clicks Button Submit

Triggers of the Question-Slides:
1st Trigger to switch to next slide:
QPassed = Right

2st Trigger to switch to next slide:
OnlyNewQuestion = Right
QFirsttime = False

Trigger to mark correct answered questions:
QPassed = Right

### Questions and their variables ###
If a question is unanswered the variables are:
OnlyNewQuestion = False (default setting)
QPassed = False (default setting)
QFirsttime = Right (default setting)

If a question is answered wrong the variables are:
OnlyNewQuestion = False (default setting)
QPassed = False (default setting)
QFirsttime = False

If a question is answered correct the variables are:
OnlyNewQuestion = False (default setting)
QPassed = Right
QFirsttime = Fals

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Thorsten,

I took a look at your file, and I had a few additional questions and thoughts for you! 

I noticed that the starting menu slide didn't have an option to return to it from any of the quiz questions, so I wasn't sure how you were seeing the items on that first slide not work correctly? 

Also, the triggers on your slides 1.1-1.5 are not the same as what I'm seeing on your master slides either? Those triggers on your master won't be visible on the individual slides, but they should still be executing if applied based on the layout. An easy way to see this happening is to add a variable reference to the slide and you can watch the trigger change. I did that based on your "CountQuestions" Variable and saw that added to upon visiting each new question slide.

The triggers you have on slides 1.1.-1.5 will have to be added to each slide since they reference specific variables for that slide, but you can copy a trigger from one slide to another (using the copy/paste function in the trigger panel) and then adjust those triggers on the new slide to reflect the correct variables.

Hope that helps clarify some pieces and get you working again - it can get easily confusing with all these variables and a custom setup, so if you need more help after taking a look at the above let us know! 

Thorsten H.

Hello Ashley,

thank you for looking at my file.

The "Back to menu"-button is being added to every slide. Yes. Thats important.

Have I done something wrong that this happens: "Those triggers on your master won't be visible on the individual slides, but they should still be executing if applied based on the layout."

I dont understand your input "is to add a variable reference to the slide and you can watch the trigger change". Do you mean to add a text like "%Q1FirstTime" to the sheet? Is this a reference? I have done so, and nothing happened.

It is too bad, that importing of thousands of questions via an excel-file in a few minutes is supported by storyline but the user has to manually adapt each of that slide individually. As I am using 3 variables and 3 triggers that means I have to create and copy about 1.000 times. Because I want to import 350 questions quiz.

This will take me about one week or more.






Crystal Horn

Hi there, Thorsten.  I understand what you're saying about the amount of time it might take to customize 350 question slides.

To clarify on some of the points Ashley mentioned:

  • Triggers on the slide master layout won't show in the trigger panel of the actual slide, but they will still function.
  • Ashley suggested adding a variable reference to make sure your variables were being adjusted.  You were close, but you just need to add another % at the end of your reference text.  Or, you can use the Insert > Reference option on your toolbar:

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