Creating my own slide master when importing questions from a Excel file

Apr 07, 2016


I need to import questions from a Microsoft Excel workbook into SL2. I have created a question slide in the Slide Master View, but when I import the Excel file the text does not adjust to my question layout. Attached is the working file where slide 1 shows how the imported text looks with the question layout, while slide 2 is changed as I want it to look like. What should be changed in the Slide Master View/Question slide so that the imported questions will have the same layout as slide 2? Attached is also the Excel file with sample question that I have used.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ulrika, 

Looking at your slide master, the question title is still the top bar item so you'd need to move that to where you currently have it shown to have the choice text styles in the box on the left hand side. The slide you have set up for question 1 is operating as expected based on the location of the question text on your master slide. 


Ulrika Holtenäs

Hi Ashley,

Oops, missed that one, thanks. Attached is an updated file, where I have moved around the placeholders. Slide 1 uses the question slide layout but how come that the size and position of the answers' placeholder is different in size compared to the question slide master? I want it to look like Slide 2, which I have fixed manually.

Ulrika Holtenäs

Hi again,

Ok, I formated it with "Do not autofit" - should not it get the same size as the template then?

I still feel a bit unsure, so I tried to create a new file. Slide 1 using the template "Question" and there is nothing strange. But when I add another placeholder where I want to write what question it is, all get messed up, see slide 2 where I use the template "Question 2".

All I want is a question slide template that looks like Slide 3 - how do I do? I need to import up to 50 questions and do not want to sit manually with each slide.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Ulrika for sharing an updated file. As for slide 2, I think what you're running into is an issue we've reported to our QA team in regards to odd spacing behavior that occurs when setting the question text and the answer text to appear within the same height as one another. When that set up is used you see the shrinking of the answers with the scroll bar and you aren't able to resize it. What I've seen other users look at doing is modifying the question master to not have them appear within the same height/spacing and then resizing/repositioning the question/answer text box once inserted if needed. I understand that you're looking at importing in questions and that this is an additional step, but currently that would be what you'd need to do if looking to use this set up. 

I'd also recommend adding the changes to the existing question master, vs. adding in your own - as even though you've labelled it as "question" Storyline will not use that as the default when inserting in questions.

I'll include this thread in the report filed with our team, so that once there is any additional information I'll be able to share with you here. 

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