Strangeness when working with Question masters

Dec 09, 2020


I'm having difficulties with getting the Storyline Question slide master layout to behave when setting it up for the Pick Many option for my survey slide.

I have two text entry boxes on the master layout (provided by Storyline when creating a new master) and they are named "Text Box 1" (with "Question Title" as default text) and "Text Box 2" (with "Question Choice" as the default text).

However, when I create a new Survey slide, based on this layout, and I change from "Form View" to "Slide View" I can see a new Question Choices box that's now sitting over the top of my layout (as in the attached screenshot).

I don't have any other text boxes in there so it can't be confusing the answers textbox with something else.

Yes, I can simply move the box in my slide layout to where I want it to be but I want to get this working right from the master layout so I don't have to manually fix it it on all my other question slides (yet to be built).

Your guidance is most appreciated! This is my first Storyline project so I'm still feeling my way around the program (I'm normally a Captivate developer).

Many thanks in advance, Brett

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