importing settings from SL2 to 360

Feb 23, 2017

Hi everyone 

I created my custom colour palette and different player colour schemes using our corporate colours in SL2. I'm currently trialling Articulate 360 and found all my pre-set colours gone. I recall this happened when switching from SL1 to SL2. 

Is there any way to import the colour scheme for both from SL2 to 360?

thank you 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Mariana

the custom colour palette is stored in a file called 


you can navigate to the location of this file in SL2 and then copy/paste it to the location in SL360. If there is already one in Sl360 folder you can delete it and paste yours in. 

Here is where mine are stored


For the player colour schemes 

In the Player Properties tab, file save the current player - or if you have a list of players already just use the Export option and place on your desktop. Then in SL360 open the Player Properties Tab and Import the .xml file in.

Hope that helps


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