Importing SL courses with Quiz Results not keeping Variable Names?

I'm working on a course right now that will have several different lessons, each with their own short quiz.  To save time, I have broken up the work and have had another developer help me create the lessons in it's own SL file so I can import it later into the main module. 

The problem I'm running into is with the quiz results variable names.  We renamed each of the variables to match the lesson so that I can find them later and add them to the main module in a progress tracker. (Ex. Lesson 1 Quiz variables would be renamed Lesson1Results.Score.percent). When I import them into the main module, some of the variables are not keeping the names we gave them. Sometimes they will get imported and use the same results variable as the previous one imported or default to the original name (Results.Score.Percent).  

Is this a bug? Is there a way to make sure this doesn't happen? 

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Jerson  Campos

I'm on Update 5.  I did a quick test to make sure it wasn't anything in my files. Created two storyline projects, created one questions and quiz results in each.  Didn't rename the variables to get standard results. When I imported one module into the other, I received a warning that the project has the same named variables and gave me two options, keep them as is, or rename it.  I chose to rename it.  The new quiz results used Results2.Score.Percent.  

In the same module that was importated. I renamed it to OGResults.Score.Percent. Saved it, closed it, then imported it. Didn't get the warning, but instead of using the variables OGResults.... It used Results2..... OG results was not pulled in.

Jerson  Campos

Hmm.. now it seems that it is overwriting existing variables with the new ones (when it keeps it the incoming variable names).  So I had a two quizzes pointing to the same quiz variables.

There is some really weird stuff going on.  Do each of the quiz results slide have some kind of unique identifier?  When creating the individual lessons, I used a template so my guess that if the application is detecting the "same" results page, it goes a little berzerk.