Importing translated Word doc results in all text being bold

Oct 18, 2023

Has anybody translated files using the Word doc export/import feature, and found that upon import all text in Storyline become bold?

As a test, I'm having a translation agency translated the first several pages of the English Word doc. They did so, and I imported the file and found all text had become bold. It makes me wonder if there is something unintentional a person/team can do to the translation doc that creates such a problem. The text in the translated file is unbold, itself (except some key words being bold).

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Steven Benassi

Hi Scott!

It sounds like the fonts have changed their formatting after importing a translated Word file to Storyline.

I see that you've already opened a support case. Smart move! It looks like my colleague Georvy replied to your e-mail asking to see your .story file. Our development team is tracking a known bug that causes text to become bold when a translated Word doc is imported. Once Georvy receives your project file, we'll be able to test the behavior and determine if you are being affected by the same issue.

We can continue troubleshooting through your support case to keep all information in one spot.

Scott Lindberg

Steven/staff, I did submit a 2nd support case, attaching my .story file. I don't know if I'll get the responding email, but we'll see.

What can you say about the timeline in addressing this known bug? Unless you have a fix on the radar soon, I need to re-direct my team to (re)focus on our XLIFF approach and avoid waiting for the Word doc bug fix that could take weeks or months. Thanks for any thoughts on this!

Steven Benassi

Hi Scott!

You're welcome! Happy to help!

I'm sorry to hear you haven't received the e-mail from Georvy! Looking at your case, it should have reached you yesterday afternoon. Thanks for letting me know you've already checked the SPAM folder! I'll resend it now and will also add notes to your case so Georvy can be notified.

Sorry if this has been slowing you down!