Does Storyline 2 update 4:15.1.717 retain the font formatting if you import the translated *.doc file

Feb 25, 2015

Hello Everyone,

When I import a translated Spanish word *.doc file into Storyline, all the formatting is missing and font changing to default Arial text. Although I can follow the directions from the forums to install the missing Frutiger fonts, I want to know if this would help me getting the translated texts with same formatting such as Bold, Italics etc. as matching the source Storyline document. Everything seemed fine when I did the same with version 1 in December 2014.

Example: some words and phrases are Bold with Italics, but once the translated document is imported, the associated (translations) texts are no more Bold and Italic. I did check the doc file, the source English doc file and the translated Spanish file have same formatting i.e. plain text with no bold / italics.

Please help!

Thanks and regards,

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Alex Stanton

That I couldn't say one of the staff should be able to let you know.

 However the transcript you export from Articulate should have the source formatting, in if the Transcript document is plain text with no bold / italics then when you re-import that's exactly what you will get, the ID's as i understand it are simply relational for Location within your project. the Formatting is translated back into articulate via word.  

 It could be you dont have Frutiger installed in word and when you opened it there it stripped the formatting rather than articulate?  

 I do quite regular translations into 5 languages and haven't had the same problem you have, also is the original File you are re-importing from SL1 if so (Why I don't know) might this not be the problem in that the upgraded SL2 File is incompatible in some way?

 try exporting from your upgraded file (SL2) get a transcript (exported from this file) modify a few lines and reimport (using the same fonts etc) and see if the issue replicates itself.

Shiv S

Thanks for the quick response Alex :)

The test *.doc document I exported now from SL2 has no formatting in it and is all in Arial, no bold or italics. yes, that's what i am getting when I import it back after changing a few lines (using the same fonts etc). the issue replicates itself and still persists. I have Frutiger font installed in my machine and word displays the font correctly when checked.

Shiv S

Well I am trying to do some research here and find that when we export the source text from SL2 as XLIFF it includes the font formatting details within such as :

FontFamily="Frutiger LT Std 57 Cn" FontSize="32" FontIsBold="True" FontIsItalic="False" FontIsUnderline="False" FontIsStrikeout="False"

However I do not see this in the word doc format, so i think the formatting is stripped when we export into word doc and import using the same word doc into Storyline? Alex, you mentioned that it worked with 5 languages for you. Did you use the same word doc format for import/export?


Shiv S

okay, now me and my colleague figured it out that this issue is a flaw or bug in the Articulate Storyline 2. If you are working on a project that has source files from version 1 and importing the translated document into version 2. you will see this issue of formatting loss, which I think is a major bug that was overlooked and not tested thoroughly. I hope that Articulate releases a patch soon or later.

Shiv S

Ok, but why wait for another update instead of a patch or bug fixes? The next update might put users again under unnecessary pressure to upgrade previous version story files and also cause license issue.. Clever marketing tactic but this isn't user friendly. Anyways I appreciate the responsiveness and support.


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