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Jun 21, 2019


Is there a way to set the course incompletable in articulate? So that the admin individually set the status to complete on LMS. Looking forward to your response.

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Noel Read

Yes, you can do this easily enough. Add a new scene that isn't connected with any of the actual content and then set the tracking to all slides must be viewed to be marked as complete. It will come up on the LMS as incomplete.  Then the LMS administrator can  manually mark the course as complete (as long as the LMS has that functionality, which most do).

Noel Read

You could do that, but as far as the LMS is concerned, if you have started a course and exited it - either by just closing the course window or clicking on the finish button - before meeting the completion criteria, it's status will be incomplete. So it will have the same result. 

At some point the person will just close the course, forcing the status to be recorded by the LMS based on what they have done.

There may be a way to publish a course that never passes a completion status to the LMS, but I haven't come across it.

geena alexander george
Noel Read

You can attach the complete course trigger to a button and place the button outside of a slide. Then on the tracking option, when you go to publish, select Track using a complete course trigger.

I've attached a couple of screen shots to show how this works.

geena alexander george

So, I just tested it and it works, Having the complete button outside is the easiest. Gonna stick with that. And my idea with the restart button doesn't work as it shows completed as all the slides were gone through. The scene which is not connected to the content works well too.

Thank you again. Cheers. :)

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