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Oct 20, 2014


I created an course using the previous version of articulate.

The course has two sets of questions separated by a set of slides.

so the course is set up as follows:

- Slide set 1

- Question set 1

- Slide set 2

- Question set 2

- Result slide

When reviewing thnaks to a variable I was able to set the course so that only the quiz questions were reviewed (I used this tutorial: so when reviewing results the user can see:

- Question set 1

- Question set 2

- Result slide

I now created a new course on the new verison of storyline with the same structure but the process I used to skip the second set of slides on review is not working anymore.

I also opened the old course for which I know skipping the second set of slides was working and republished on Storyline 2 and it does not work anymore. so it does on review:

- Question set 1

- Slide set 2

- Question set 2

- Review slide

Do you have any suggestions on how I can make it work again? so to be 100% clear how can I do to make the slide set 2 not to appear when reviewing the results?

Many thanks


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nicolas Simplicio

Hello Ashley,

Many thanks for getting back to me.

I think I understand where the issue is coming from.

The method is as follows - as described on the video

- set up a variable that becomes true when the user click on review

- on the last question of the first section, add a next button, and the condition that when the user click on next, it goes to the next sets of questions if the variable is true

- remove the next button (as we do not want to have a next button appearing on the question)

Now on Storyline 1, the rule was still there even when we removed the next button.

On Stroyline 2, I think that what is happening is that the rule is removed when the next button is removed.

I will attach two files (one on this post, one on the next one) as I do not think I can attach two files to one post

  • nsimplicio_testjump to question.story_next on.story: this is the file that shows my variable and the rule. In this file I did not remove the next button on the question slide. All is working as it should - except that there is a Next button on the question
  • nsimplicio_testjump to question.story: I will attach this to my next post. This is the same file as above except that I removed the next button on the question slide

Looking forward to hearing from you,



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nico, 

Thanks for sharing your files here. I took a look, and I did notice a few things missing. First off, once you create the trigger for the "next" button - you'll need to copy the trigger before removing the button and then paste it back in. Also, the trigger should be to jump to the next designated quiz slide - instead of just the next slide when the value is True. Also, your variables initial state was True - so it wasn't actually being adjusted based on visiting the results slide and clicking on review. 

So I made all those changes - and still couldn't get it to skip the second set of content slides. So at this point, I'm unsure why that isn't working and will need to share it with our QA team for additional review. I'll be sure to share any updates here with you once they're available, but at this time - I don't have any additional details to share. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI Ashley and Nico,

Ashley, tx for sending Nico along to that great Screenr by Justin. Just wanted to add a note that I was reading through another thread, where someone noted that the workaround isn't working in SL2. So, I updated my Yes you can!Screenr page with a note that this isn't working in SL2, and a link to the thread where I've uploaded a new workaround. Mine's a bit different than Justin's but I'm not using Quiz banks.

nicolas Simplicio

Thanks Ashely and Rebecca.


I just tried with Justin's method.

It is ok as it is doing the job but it make the module look amateurish as it introduce a flicker as the skipping slide action occurs when the user reach the first content slide after the last question of the first set - and I cannot remove it.

SL1 (and Rebecca's methods) was much better dealing with this than SL2 - I am very surprised that there is not a function so that the user can select which slides are to be shown on review - Ashley can you put that on the list of things to add to the next release? there should be a proper way to do that that having to find a workaround (that is not perfect)


Thank again for your help





Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Nico,

That was a really nice method with SL1; just want to let everyone know I didn't come up with it (wish that I had!) - I'd read it about it in the community and created the instructional video since I thought it would be helpful to many people.

I've created a new workaround that's different than Justin's approach and shouldn't cause flickering.

I placed the "jump to the next quiz slide trigger if the variable = True" on the slide that immediately follows the question slide. TRIGGER ADJUSTMENT: The trigger is set up to work when the timeline starts on this slide if the variable is true.

There's no  need to mess with turning the next button for the question slide on/off. So, if it does the trick, it's actually quicker than the original method

I've attached an example. Please shout out with any questions - and/or to let the community know if this will work for you.

Still, eere's the feature request link


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Becky for connecting the threads and creating a new method! I shared with our QA team that the original method where you "trick" Storyline into accepting a trigger for a button that isn't technically enabled isn't working in SL2, but I don't yet have any updates on share on the particular issue. I'll add this thread and the others where it was reported to the existing QA report so that our team can be aware of how many users are impacted - but I could also see this being a great feature request, so you'll want to share your thoughts there as well! 

Jan Davino

This is a great workaround, and I used it successfully.  However, for some reason, it only works Modules 1, 3, and 4 out of 4 modules/scenes.

Every time I Review Quiz, it skips over the questions in Module 2. 

 - Module 1 has Matching Drag and Drop, Multiple Choice Question, then Matching Drag and Drop.

 - Module 2 has Matching Drag and Drop, and a Multiple Choice Question.

 - Module 3 has a custom Drag and Drop, and followed by two Multiple Choice Questions.

Any thoughts on why it's skipping Module 2 questions during Review Quiz?


Malinda Kaempfer

Hello I am using SL2 and I have applied the steps provided below

Was this workaround for SL1 or SL2?

When I look at the trigger it displays when user clicks the NEXT button, but when you click on edit trigger it displays as unassigned because I unchecked the Next button under the slide properties.

Articulate is not jumping to quiz question 2.  When I look in storyline view the arrows are showing the jump to quiz question 2. 

Variable: jumptoquestion is equal to False
Review Button: Set jumptoquestion equal to True when the user click review quiz button
Q1 Slide: Jump to Q2 when the user clicks the next button If jumptoquestion is equal to True
Q2 Slide: Jump to Q3 when the user clicks the next button If jumptoquestion is equal to True

Adena Wilson

I know this is an old thread, but I will add my 2 cents. I an currently working through this issue with Storyline 360. The tutorial mentioned at the top of the thread was a big help. The issue that I was still having was that in the quiz review,  the NEXT button just wouldn't go anywhere (so it was not that it was going to the content slides, as seems to be the case with earlier versions of Storyline).

So, using the tutorial as the guide this is what I did: 

1. create the T/F variable IsFirstQuizAttempt (default is true)

2. set variable to false on the results slide.

3. on the last quiz slide in each section, I added 2 triggers:

Jump to [insert slide] when user clicks the next button if  IsFirstQuizAttempt is equal to false

Since this creates a next button now on that slide, and I do not want a next button when the learner takes the quiz (before the review), I added a trigger to change the state of the next button to hidden when the timeline starts, if the variable IsFirstQuizAttempt is equal to true. 

I do have the advantage of not using question banks.  

So far, this allows for learner to review all quiz questions even though they are scattered throughout the course. 

I hope this helps someone out there! I appreciated the thread! 


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