Results slide not accurately calculating passing percentage

Oct 27, 2020

I have developed a course that has quiz slides placed periodically throughout. Each quiz slide provides participants with attempts to try again. On second attempt they the opportunity to review the relevant content - taking them to a relevant slide - and then have another attempt at the quiz question.

The issue:

Results slide is returning a score for both attempts at the quiz (before and after reviewing the content). 

For example, quiz has 7 questions - 6 were incorrect on 1st attempt. Reviewed content and then attempted again with each of the 7 questions answered correctly. Results slide is showing score of 42.85% rather than 100% - as it appears to be calculating for 14 questions not 7.

42.85% equals 6 out of 14 so assuming attempt after reviewing content is not being recorded as correct.

Quiz slides are set to resume initial state. 


Is anyone able to assist with how I can make the results slide recognise the correct result attained (after reviewing content) and disregard the earlier incorrect attempts so that they have 100% passing score at the end? I only want a failing score if they truly were unable to answer the quiz questions correctly at all.

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