Inconsistent appearance of font in speech bubbles


I'm having some challenges with the font I'm using in speech bubbles appearing differently in preview mode from what I see in edit mode.I just cannot see what I might do differently - editing / retyping hasn't helped.

The text box is set to do not autofit.

However, in the example posted, you'll see the font appears different in layer 1 than it does in layer 2 when previewed but not when in editing mode. I have other instances of the same thing happening. Some are within layers and one is in a slide of it's own. In that single slide where font size is playing up I have two paragraphs of text (i.e. line break). Another slide with a line break encounters the same problem - and it it part of a multiple-layered slide.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Grant Robertson

Thanks Justin.

The font is installed on the system but I suspect it isn't a font supported by .NET Framework application. Seems as if this means such a font might behave inconsistently, rather than not working at in in the first place! 

I'll find a suitable substitute and see how we go.

John Reque

Hi Grant and Justin.

It looks like a bug. I've replied to the email already and submitting it to our Quality Assurance Team.

What's happening is if the text calls a variable (i.e. %UserName%) the anti-aliasing of the font is crisp and sharp. If not, the anti-aliasing of the text is somehow different (not that sharp).