Inconsistent performance from button pushed on timeline to show 5 minutes after load

Apr 05, 2019

Hello! I'm experiencing issues with a button I created and pushed down my timeline (300 seconds) for a delayed load. Some end users experience a much longer delay in this button loading;. Has anyone else seen inconsistent performance when pushing assets to load later in your timeline?

I'm using Storyline 360. The slide I created loads a web object that users interact with the contents. The button that should appear triggers the completion of the course. The course is being viewed by users as a SCORM package through Workday Learning.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sarah,

Happy to investigate this with you!

It could be that learners are navigating to a new browser tab or minimizing the window, which causes the slide timeline to pause. We designed Storyline to work this way since people don't want courses to continue playing in the background while learners are browsing other websites. 

Can you tell me more about why you want the button to appear after 5 minutes? There may be another way to achieve what you're looking to do!

Sarah Stillings

Hi Alyssa - Thank you! That's very helpful and something I could certainly see happening. It's a bit of a long sorted story as to why we have the course set up this way but essentially we built 15 language specific courses in Rise but they must be delivered as one course through Workday Learning as this platform doesn't offer an easy way to select a language. So we've built a Storyline wrapper which points to 15 different web objects loading each Rise course. The button we're delaying is a "Complete Course" button which triggers a quiz where they enter a course completion code (found at the end of their Rise course) which, upon a correct answer, triggers the course to complete. We delayed the button appearing so users wouldn't try to complete the course right away. It's very convoluted so if you have other suggestions I would LOVE to hear them!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Sarah!

I like your idea of including a course completion code at the end of the Rise course that the learner will enter in the Storyline "wrapper". 

Do you have restricted navigation turned on in the Rise course? If so, you can be sure the learner viewed the entire course, and there wouldn't be a reason to delay the Storyline button. 

Let me know if that would work for you!

Sarah Stillings

Hi Alyssa - I do have restricted navigation on but the problem is I need some sort of trigger in a single location to signal to Workday Learning that the course has been completed. The only way I could think of accomplishing this was to create a single Storyline package that links to multiple Rise courses and program the course completion trigger to happen in Storyline. So if a user finishes the Rise course as a loaded web object in Storyline, there's no way to trigger the Storyline package to complete from Rise, correct?

Sarah Stillings

Hi Alyssa - I received some more specific feedback from a user today I thought might be helpful to share: 

The course completion button did not appear for me-I believe it took me longer than the five minutes to complete the training. Eventually I clicked around the final page and when clicking in the lower right did trigger the course complete dialogue box, however the button was not visible for me. I used the google chrome browser to complete the training.

It seems as if, perhaps, the button graphic itself might not be rendering properly intermittently but the trigger associated with the button is available. Does this sound familiar? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah, 

Can you check that you're on the latest update of Storyline? You'll be looking for Storyline 360, build 3.26.18364.0 and you can find that listed in Help tab - > About Articulate Storyline. 

There was an issue in an earlier update and Chrome's latest update where animating buttons were not appearing, so that could be what you're running into. Do you know what browser these learners have viewed the courses on? 

Sarah Stillings

Thanks, Ashley! I was running a 3.25 version but just updated to 3.26.18364.0 and will run a fresh export to see if that helps. The unfortunate part is that I can't reproduce the issue users are reporting. Most users I've heard from are using Chrome or Edge. I've been testing in Chrome and Edge and haven't been able to reproduce. Fingers crossed this will help! :)

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