Question bank slide numbering issue in review mode

Dec 22, 2015

Hi All,

I am having an issue with slide numbering with the question bank. I've created a variable called slideNum and I'm adding 1 to it every time the next button is pushed. There is no immediate feedback for the questions so it's triggered when the submit button is pushed. This works fine until you review the quiz... then the trigger on the next button doesn't seem to work yet the previous button trigger to subtract 1 from slideNum works fine.

Any ideas? I've attached a test file.

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Keari Eggers

Hi Ashraf,

I thought of that but then I had trouble with the previous button. I tried setting it to subtract 2 which caused a delay in the slide number updating.

I found a solution though. I had to create a variable called prevBtnClicked so that I knew when not to add 1 to slideNum. Here's the updated Storyline file if anyone is interested.

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