Incorporating studio 13 content in Storyline 1 and 2 for Mobile

Sep 19, 2014

Hi all

I am just wondering if I incorporate an engage 13 interaction into a storyline 1 or 2 page will it now render ok for HTML5 and iPad?

I remember in Storyline 1 it wouldnt work for engage 09 interactions but was hoping this would have been fixed by either the launch of Studio 13 or Storyline 2.

Hope to read from you soon!


Thomas Smith

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Michael Hinze

As mentioned in this post for SL2 here: "Imported interactions aren't supported in HTML5 output or the Articulate Mobile Player app."

I guess (I haven't tried this myself yet) the only way to get Engage interactions to play within Storyline HTML5 output, would be to:

1. Publish the Engage interaction as HTML5

2. Add this HTML5 output to a SL webobject

3. Publish SL as HTML5

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