Incorrect feedback pops up right after correct feedback is closed

May 03, 2023


I have created a slide in which I am using a shape (100% transparent), which when clicked on causes customized correct or incorrect feedback to appear.   I used the shape because I wanted to be able to have the visited state show the selection (a few items in a list of items) with a red circle around it.  I couldn't make that work with a hotspot.   The continue button in the incorrect layer sends the learner back to the slide, while the continue button in the correct layer sends the learner to the next slide. It all looks and works great, except that when you click 'continue' in the correct layer  just as the slide is advancing to the next, the incorrect layer shows up briefly.   

I have a trigger for each layer to show when learner either selects the shape or selects outside the shape. And each continue button either takes the learner to the same slide or the next.  

What am I missing?



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Liza Moorman

Hi, I tried that but it still shows up. I put a “hide layer” trigger on both the incorrect and correct feedback layers. Still, when I choose the correct option on the list, the “correct” feedback layer shows, but when I click continue on the correct feedback layer—the incorrect layer shows up as it is switching to the next slide.
Do you have other thoughts?


Phil Mayor

It will be the click outside trigger, I would use one transparent shape that is the whole slide for incorrect and then one to show the correct.

What may stop it firing is to set the layer to prevent users clicking on the base layer or set the incorrect to disabled when you press correct.

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