Pick Many Interaction. Selecting Next on feedback layer submits interaction as correct?

Apr 18, 2019

I need to show several screens of documents with hotspots, several of which can be considered correct. I would like to provide instant feedback when an item is selected (and not use a Submit button). I've created a separate feedback layer for each hotspot which includes a Next button. In Form View I've selected Feedback: None. 

The learner only gets one attempt. Ideally the system would recognize a correct/incorrect response from the hotspot selected or the layer displayed. User sees the feedback, selects Next and moves on to the next document.

I've tried setting up as a "Pick Many" and applying a Submit Interaction trigger to the hotspot itself, and then I tried adding to the Next button on the Feedback layer instead. Either way I receive an "Invalid Answer" error. 

How would I go about enabling the system to understand whether or not the response is correct/incorrect.

Is there a way to add a trigger to a feedback layer's Next button that tells the system that if they're clicking this button, then they've got it right? (Like a Close Course trigger at the end of a branching scenario?)

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