Incorrect image dimensions after "Save as Picture..."

Hi all,

I've created a 800x600 px grid in Storyline. Saving my grid as a picture will strangely enough produce an 807x606 px image..which will make the grid rather useless.

I'm just speculating, but could it have anything to do with line shapes using an outline instead of a fill colour? ....and it's those outlines that provide the extra 7x6 pixels??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rutwin,

Oddly enough, when I went to do a Save as on your picture, mine changed to 799 x 600. I tried again with a new shape set to the same dimensions, and again when I did a Save as picture, it changed the dimensions to 799 x 600. So I have somewhat the opposite problem as you.  It probably is just an adjustment to the slide (so that the image doesn't fill the entire slide) or scaling to adjust for the initial image/objects that are being grouped. If I open the same image then in Paint, it's 800 x 600 - so it's adjusting and scaling to the Storyline slide. 

Rutwin Geuverink

Hi Ashley,

Your response is appreciated, however I'm still not able to create an accurate 800x600 image of the grid I made in Storyline.

With regard to the image being "scaled" to the Storyline slide, I've noticed something similar to this when I was using other shapes in SL...however, this doesn't really relate to the issue I'm having.

Initially I had created a grid with an application called "PhiMatrix", but noticed that although I opted for the 1:1 aspect ratio between individual cells, the actual dimensions weren't consistent, and varied between them (?!)...that's when I decided to manually create an accurate 800x600px grid within SL.

The grid is made up of horizontal lines of 800px, and vertical lines of 600px in length - Why then can't I save this grid as an 800x600px image? 

I would be grateful for any help with this small, but rather annoying phenomena

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rutwin,

I did a bit more digging around this issue, and found one other instance of this being reported to our QA team. I've added your thread to that report, although I don't have any information to offer regarding a timeframe. If you're able to create the grid correctly as a slide in Storyline, have you thought about using it as a Master slide instead of as an image? I was able to set that up and the grid lines stay as expected.