Incorrect percentage on result slide

Nov 15, 2017

We created a story file with a question bank of 189 questions. At the first slide the user has to choose a set and depending on that choice he gets 10 random questions of that set.

I first created this with a result slide for each set and then the score percent on the result slide (of that set) was shown correctly. But I had a problem when uploading the storyfile to our LMS (Taleo Learn) because you can only select 1 result slide in the tracking options. and my file had 8 result slides.

So I changed my storyfile and now I only have 1 result slide. But now the score percent on the result slide is not correct anymore. For example if I answer 6 questions correctly out of the 10 questions, the score should be 60%, but the result slide now is showing 7.67%. 

I really don't know where this calculation comes from? I notice there are still some other resultvariables, but I can't delete these. 

Can anyone help me? File attached.



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Pierre Jouan

Hi Winke,

It's because your result slide is expecting ALL quizzes to be done so result is a global percentage.

I think you may have to make a result slide for each quiz (that won't be visible) and then get your own result slide to calculate results from other results slides and combine points from each quiz (there will be only one).

Got inspiration from here :

Winke Wieers

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for your answer! I've changed my file and added the result slides per scene again. I also added an extra result slide and there I took the option "Combine points from each quiz" (see screenshot attached).

In the e-learning I'm then showing the result slide of the specific scene and that's the correct score percent (e.g. 30%). But when I look in the LMS, we still get a wrong score percentage (e.g. 3.75%).

I'm really puzzled. Looks like even there, the result is still taken all the quizes in account and so we get this low number as a score percentage.

I also found this tip, but I really hope this is not the solution to get it in the LMS, because I have 8 different quizes:

Anyone with a good solution for this?



Winke Wieers

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for you answer!
I also opened a case (Case #01171962) at Articulate support and they also confirmed that it works fine on SCORM Cloud, so the problem exists in our LMS (Taleo Learn). So I opened a case at Oracle support, but cannot wait for their answer. 

So, I now created 8 different story files and uploaded them separately, which is not a good solution, because now I have to maintain 8 files instead of 1. But the users are satisfied.

I will inform you if I get an answer from Oracle Support.

Kind regards



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