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Nicole Legault

Hi Ravindra!

When you add a new Graded Results Slide to your project, you'll notice the "Results Slide Properties" window opens where you have lots of different options for setting up your Results slide. 

At the top you can select the option that says "Calculate Results For" and from the drop-down menu, select "Selected Results Slide". The you can choose all of the four results slide you want to include in your final total results. You can choose that the user must either 1) Pass each quiz individually, or 2) combine the points from all the quizzes, and they have to pass the final Results slide. 

This is a simple way to include a Results slide that adds up multiple results other results slides.

Hope this helps!  

Patricia de Souza

I have 2 quizzes in my project - the user is directed to the relevant quiz based on their role - I therefore dont want the user to pass each quiz - as they will only have access to one quiz.

I also dont want to combine the points from each quiz - because again the user will only have access to one

Is it possible to  have 2 separate quizzes, with  just 1 results slide (for LMS tracking)