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May 17, 2018

Hello everyone,

I need some help understanding Storyline and publishing to LMS with my issue. I'm using SCORM Cloud to test my stripped down course.

When I publish to LMS and use the tracking option "track using quiz result", SCORM Cloud reports the score I get, but completion and success say unknown.

When I publish to LMS and use the tracking option "track using course completion trigger", SCORM Cloud reports my completion and success, but it doesn't report my score.

I need my score, completion, and success to all report together. Since I can't choose both "quiz result" and "course completion trigger" tracking methods, I'm scratching my head how I can get all 3.

For reporting, I've tried all 4 options of passed / incomplete, pass / failed, etc. This hasn't changed my result in SCORM Cloud.

I'm using a master results slide at the end of the course with course complete triggers on the fail and pass layers.

Can anyone help me figure out what I'm logically missing here so I can fix it? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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Monica Bryant

Thank you for responding Leslie. Attached is a screenshot of the result I get when I follow the instructions in that post.

When I use a results slide I get the score, but no completion or success reporting.

When I use complete course triggers, I get completion and success reporting, but no score.

I guess I just need to know how I can communicate completion and success when using a results slide. I have a trigger to exit course and complete course on the pass and fail buttons on the results slide, but it seems like they just get ignored.

What should I try next?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Caleb,

If you're not tracking a results slide, we'll only report on their completion as the score is specific to a results slide. 

When publishing Storyline and Studio content as SCORM or AICC output, you get to choose one of these four reporting options:

  • Passed/Incomplete
  • Passed/Failed
  • Completed/Incomplete
  • Completed/Failed

Many LMSs track a completion status and a success status. To report both statuses, choose either Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed when you publish. Completed/Incomplete and Completed/Failed report only the completion status.


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