Incorrect Response When Clicking Text Entry

Jul 22, 2022

Hi, I have a course that contains a software simulation. On one slide, the learner needs to make a text entry. It doesn't matter what is entered. There is no right or wrong answer. Then the learner must click  "enter" to achieve a correct answer result and move on. 

Right now, when the learner clicks on the text entry field in order to activate the cursor and type, an incorrect response pops up because of that click. I need help eliminating that incorrect response for the text entry click.

I believe it has something to do with setting an appropriate trigger on a hot spot on the text entry field. This is new to me and I'm not sure how to set that trigger or if there is something else I should be doing. I would appreciate some help. Thank you in advance!

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Angela Grimmer

I am still trying to figure this problem out. I have used the suggestion at this link to address the problem by creating multiple correct answers on the slide. It seem to work. Except, when I create a new second hotspot over the text entry box which I have created as a second correct answer, It spins and spins and won't move forward. It doesn't pop up a correct answer or box. It just spins.

Angela Grimmer

OK, I'm making progress! I am able to click the hotspot over the text entry and get a correct answer response which is better than an incorrect answer response. But, that moved the learner on to the next slide. I need the learner to stay on this screen until they have entered text and clicked "enter."

Angela Grimmer

I almost have it working!! I created a new layer with a correct response that does not advance to the next slide after the learner clicks the text entry field. This then allows the learner to select "enter" before advancing the slide. The only issue I'm still having is that after I click continue on the correct response, I get the spinning wheel and it's hard to see the text entry. I hope my little conversation with myself helps someone.

Luciana Piazza

Hello Angela and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes Community! ✨

Glad you were able to utilize our community discussions to help you troubleshoot. Here is another post that could provide some suggestions while inserting triggers and conditions to your project. 

As Walt said, please share your file in this thread or privately in a support case. We'd be happy to take a look! 

Have a great day. 

Angela Grimmer

Thank you for your help. I now have two more problems that have popped up when I publish!

On the second slide that has text entry, when you click on the hotspot to submit the slide, it does not work. The triggers are set up exactly like the previous text entry slide. I'm not sure what I'm missing.

Then, in my simulation I had a slide that scrolled for three seconds down to where the learner next submits a click. When published, the scrolling did not work. So, I replaces that slide with a short scrolling video. 

After that slide plays, there is what looks like a blank gray slide before advancing to the next slide. That gray slide does not really exist. I have checked my transitions and can't figure out what the problem is. 

If I have not attached the story file correct, please let me know. I have never done this before. Thank you. 

Wendy Farmer
Angela Grimmer

After that slide plays, there is what looks like a blank gray slide before advancing to the next slide. That gray slide does not really exist. I have checked my transitions and can't figure out what the problem is. 

Hi Angela

the background of the master slide layout you are using is grey

For the other issues you are having can you let us know the slide numbers with the issues.

Is the Text entry issue on 2.9, 2.11 or 2.13?

Angela Grimmer

Yes, the master slide is gray, but why is a blank master slide showing up in that spot? I don't think I have one inserted.

The text entry issue with the spinning ball is slide 2.9. The last time I checked, 2.11 and 2.13 don't have the spinning ball.

Slide 2.11 is the one that doesn't act correctly when I click create. I have made no changes to that slide. It used to not have this problem. Now suddenly it does.

It seems I fix one problem and two more pop up!

Angela Grimmer

Thank you so much! I think that solution worked and fixed all this issues on the text entry page. I still need to figure out how the scoring will work. I would like the score to be based on the learner clicking submit and not the text that is entered. I just need to get rid of that pesky gray slide that is showing.