Increase Slide Loading Time


When my client plays a SL360 lesson, sometimes the slide get stuck between transitions due to internet outage. If the user is in a middle of quiz, the quiz gets stuck and wont move on. If the internet comes back with 10, 15 seconds the slides won't resume. They remain stuck. 

The "Resume" functionality wont work on my LMS. 

Is there any suggestion on what I should do? Is there a way to increase the time for the lesson to wait for internet?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Fazal!

I can imagine that's frustrating for the learner! I haven't heard others share that a quiz won't resume if the internet flickers. Does this also happen when the course is published for Web or to Review 360? Or is this behavior specific to the LMS? Also, do multiple learners experience this issue using the same browser or different browsers?

Another factor that you might consider changing is the number of attempts for each question if a learner's internet does go out.