Activate a trigger when an object is focused from the tab key?

Jan 05, 2015


I'm trying to find out if there is a way to have a trigger activate when a user focuses on an object by way of hitting the tab key. We are trying to attach audio to the navigation menu items(accessibility work around).


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Mark Gretzinger

Too bad. That is definitely a feature that would be useful for compliance. We ran into too many issues with the JAWS reader in Storyline.

I did come up with a sort of work around that requires an extra keystroke (attached).
Basically the user would use the Tab button to switch between the nav buttons then hit Enter to activate and play the sound. The Tab button when pressed resets all the nav buttons to an unselected state.

We are presenting this to the client today... hopefully they'll go for it. :)

Ashley Bricker

Hi Mark - Accessibility is something we do a lot with in my organization, esp for JAWS users. States themselves are an issue in Storyline for JAWS. I'm looking at your file now. You have 3 Navigation items. You want them to trigger to different slides or layers? To have these read to a user by JAWS, make sure you are adding alt text to them. A trigger to a layer or slide would be simple... "Select here for Navigation item 1" and a user would be able to click enter and get there. Let me know if I can help you more!

Mark Gretzinger

Thanks for your input Ashley. We definitely tried that but ran into other issues with JAWS. Also the client wants a human voice. Its frustrating because storyline obviously CAN register focus changes. Its just not available to us in the trigger menu other than the 'Control loses focus' option.

I put in a feature request, so fingers crossed for the next version of SL.


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