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Jun 25, 2013

For the e-learning courses that i deliver on a CD/DVD.. I want to implement a system that the user can start the course only after entering a certain code at the first/starting slide.. I can put a question slide for 'fill in the blanks' for that.. the Table of contents will be there on the side but I want the user should be able to proceed only after entering the right CD Code.. This is an effort to prevent piracy of the course, since as you know today we don't have anything very effective to prevent piracy from hard copies.. so at least a specific code authentication can make the course usable only for the specific user.. Can you please guide me with this.. ?

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Nalin Dubey

Thats nice.. but still doesn't meet my exact requirement  :(   In short again, when the user enters the code at the first slide and proceeds I want every component of the course to become active including the table of contents. I want the TOC to be locked only before the user enters the code. Please let me know if there is any other alternative way.

Mike Enders


I think Michael's first idea is the way to go.  The menu will only be missing for that first slide...and then will reappear for the remainder of the course once they enter the correct code and then proceed.  Otherwise, I'm not sure if there's another way to achieve the functionality you're looking for while keeping the menu visible on that slide (and not locking it down).


El Burgaluva

Hi, Nalin

Mike's right that Michael's right (confusing that one, eh?), but... I'm not sure it really solves the problem.

For example, if I get your CD + Course Code, can't I just burn a copy of that CD, write the course code on it in magic marker and then sell it on eBay or in the local bazaar or hand it to the Ruskies in a diplomatic pouch or whatever?

You could, I suppose, have some kind of "unique code" authentication via a web object on the first slide, but -- depending on your reason for having the course on a CD in the first place -- that's likely to be either useless or redundant.

What I mean is... if the reason for having the course on a CD is that your learners don't have internet access, then it's useless; if your learners do have internet access, then it's probably not necessary to have it on a CD! In the latter case, loading the course onto an LMS with tight user controls and "lock-outs" based on multiple log-ins and log-ins from multiple IPs and so on would be a better (although by no means watertight) solution.

Having said that, if it's an issue of bandwidth for your learners, the web object unique authentication idea might work, i.e. they only have to access the web for that one instance.

Don't know if that helps, but increased security to avoid piracy of our courses is certainly something I'm interested in discussing more.

All the best,


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