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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Megan,

Not sure if I'm interpreting correctly, but can you give this a try?

So, you've started a .story based on your company template and you're ready to insert a quiz.

As you've said, you click to Insert a new slide, and you can choose to insert quizzes from the Quizzing choice on the left.

  • So, let's say you insert a Graded T/F quiz, you type in the question, and you click the Save and Close button.
  • Now, right-click "offstage" (outside the area of the slide) or on the thumbnail of the question slide and
  • you should see a shortcut menu
  • highlight layout, and you should see a display that shows your company template and perhaps a blank default template.
  • Click on the Question layout that matches your company template

Please shout out with any questions!