Applying Customized Template to Newly Created Quiz Screen

Jan 20, 2014

This Forum is so great and helpful; hoping somebody knows the answer to this one.

I have created a template for our projects, (.storytemplate). When I want to insert/create a new quiz slide into my project based on the customized .storytemplate, I don't see how to make it take on the same template. If I click Insert/New Slide and go to the Quizzing section, and select, say, a Multiple Choice quiz, it creates a new slide, but not from my same customized template.

Is there a default Storyline template that all the slides in the Quizzing panel pull from?

Should I be locating and editing that template for the quizzes? Where are they if so?


should I be creating a new quiz and then using the Layout dropdown and assigning the new quiz to a layout from my customized template?

Thanks for any clues here.


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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon Alex, and welcome to Heroes!

Here are a few Forum Threads where other users have found similar solutions:

I hope that at one of these threads proves useful.  Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Alex Hart

Justin, Thanks so much! These forum links were indeed invaluable. I had inadvertently deleted the question layout, and Rebecca's answer about the Slide Templates (bullet 2 above) clarified it all and helped me fix it. I needed to create two new Slide Masters and thereby get two new Question layouts to customize and apply to my slides.  

Thanks again for the help.


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