Force a quiz to use a certain template


I would like to know on how to force a graded quizzing template to automatically use a certain template that I created?

When I insert a new slide or quiz template, it uses a default background so i have to change the layout. But when I change the layout, the question goes to the title place holder and not to the text placeholder.


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Gian Carlo Almiranez

Hi Ashley,

Yes I created a new layout using the slide master. I edited the background and placed a Master title style placeholder.

The thing is, when I create a quiz and enter the question, it goes to the master title text placeholder. I think that is the default. I created a new project and checked it. So when I create the question that goes to the master title text placeholder, the title for the navigation also changes.I hope you get what I am experiencing.

Now, how do I create a template using a title placeholder for a quiz that the question doesnt go to the title placeholder and the slide title automatically changes the navigation slide title?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gian,

My apologies, but I'm not following what's happening with your slides. When I go to insert a new slide, and chose Quiz slide - it be default picks up the formatting I had set up within my Slide Masters for a Question slide. If you don't want the Question itself to appear in the section for the "slide title placeholder" on the slide - is there somewhere else you'd like it to appear? 

In regards to the navigation and what each slide is named, you can modify that to remove slide titles, hide them until the user arrives at that point, etc. 

Gian Carlo Almiranez

Hi Ashley,

Sorry for the late reply. Anyway, yes Im trying to put the question somewhere in the middle of the slide and not into the title placeholder. One solution I am thinking is creating a slide master where the title placeholder is where the question is and a text placeholder where the title be put in. Then manually change the navigation slide title. Thanks for the link you gave.