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Michael Hinze

If you do want to use an embed code, then select Insert>Video>Video from Website and add an embed code, e.g.

"<iframe src="https://myURL.com/myCourse.html" width="xyz" height="xyz" frameborder="0"></iframe>"

You could probably also use a webobject and link it to the URL of your content.

Greta Blash

My training classes have been working but now the modules will not play from my website

I am getting an iframing error message when I try republish and file transfer my module to  my website.   I search for possible solutions and saw that I could install ifram for Joomla but that didn't work and also about mixing HTTP and HTTPS pages. But I don't know how to resolve this.

So my 4 storyline training videos are not working.. 

Can  anyone help me?

Phil Mayor

if your website is on http rather than https I am not sure you can fix this, I know Google was transitioning all sites to https, if this hs not been done for YouTube you could change the iframe url to http.

Really this fix is to ensure you do not have mixed content, either by transitioning your site to https or not using https videos.