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Oct 09, 2020

My client is asking for the learners to enter their name and ensure they can't move forward until they do. If they try to move forward without putting in the name, the character changes his expression to indicate they need to type their name before they can move forward. I have a layer that reminds them they have to insert their name but I'm having difficulty with the triggers.

Storyline automatically inserted "set text entry equal to typed value when text entry loses focus". Then I added "show layer when user clicks or swipes next if text entry = blank" but it doesn't work. The slide advances even if I don't insert my name. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?



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Ned Whiteley

Hi Lynn,

I probably should have been a bit more specific in my answer, but a custom button is not necessary. All you need to do is to attach these triggers to whatever the users click on to advance, whether that be the Next button, an icon to access the next layer or whatever.

I simply used a button in the example as I assumed that your users would be clicking perhaps a Next or Continue button after they had entered their name, in order to proceed further.

If you are not sure of the best way to implement this, if you are able to post a copy either of your SL file or a copy of the appropriate slide here, I can offer some options.

hari krishna

Hi Ned,

I am working on Text Entry filed there are 3 Text Entry

1. First name
2. Last name
3. Email.

we have start button at bottom right so here the requirement is after entering all fields the start button should be in active start. 

it will be very help full  i am just adding the screen short for reference.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Hari,

In the attached example, I have added three text entry boxes and a Start button to replicate your scenario. I have set the Start button to an initial state of Disabled, so that it is visible, but not active.

The state of the button is changed to Normal when the variable for Surname (TextEntry2) changes, if TextEntry1 and TextEntry2 are not equal to blank.

If the user tries to click on the Start button once it is active, but before they have entered an email address, they receive a reminder to enter their email address. Once this has been done, they can click on the Start button and proceed.

The reason I have done it this way is because the TextEntry variables are not updated until the Text Entry box loses focus. Therefore, the user has to click outside the Text Entry 2 box in order for the trigger to activate the Start button.

If I had set this to the Text Entry 3 box, the user would have to click outside the box in order to activate the Start button, before they could then click on it, which is not user friendly and may confuse users.

Hope this helps, but if you have any further queries, just get back to me here.

Kuriko A

Just a heads-up that if you have used this feature in any of your courses, your course is not compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility guidelines. You will need to either inform your client or employer that their courses are not accessibility-compliant, or remove the 'Enter your name' text entry fields from your courses altogether. Please refer to this discussion thread for more information: Articulate is yet to provide a time frame for when Storyline will support purpose declaration on text entry fields. Until then, Storyline is not capable of meeting Criterion 1.3.5 of WCAG 2.1 AA.