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Mar 14, 2013

I cannot find a tutorial for one specific thing. I have a ton of instructional videos. However, none of them contain quizzing. I want to add quiz slides throughout the video. For example, I might have a 5 minute video but need to insert a quiz slide at the 1 minute mark. User answers the question and then video should resume. I can't figure out how to do it nor can I find a tutorial or forum discussion that shows me how. My videos are mp4. 

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Gerry Wasiluk


I haven't tried this but here is one way that should work.

For each time you want a quiz question to come up on your video, insert a shape that appears on the timeline when you want to move to that question.  Put the shape outside the canvas so the learner will not see it.

Add a trigger to that shape--when the timeline begins (for that shape) move to the question slide.

Then, on your question results slide or feedback, add a link to go back to the slide with the video.

On the properties for the slide with the video, make sure when revisiting, you resume the saved state.

Jason Stolly

Thanks for the response. This seems like a workaround for a pretty simple task. Am I the only one who wants to do knowledge checks in the middle of a video?  I don't want to have to chop up my video into chapters to accomplish this. A video has a timeline...why can't I just pick a point in that timeline and insert a slide?

Jason Stolly

I tried the "hidden" button idea. The video does stop and jump to the quiz slide where I want. However, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to go back to the video after the question slide is complete. I can't seem to find the right Trigger combination. I want the user to be taken back to the video, at the point where they were when the quiz came up. I changed the properties of the video slide to resume at the saved state, however, the video starts at the very beginning every time it jumps back from the quiz. I need to know the steps to make my project go from Question slide back to the video at the spot where the quiz slide popped up. 

I still think is a strange workaround but no one else seems to have a better suggestion this far. 

Will Heikoop

Jason and Gerry,

Jason, I wish to this as well and can't get it to work either. Did you ever get it to work.

I also with to have a, say, 7 minute video with a quiz at the 2:18 point, the 4:44 point and at the end of the video. I want the video to pause and have the user do the quiz (for formative feedback) and then come back to the same point in the video and continue on in the video.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

All the best,


Mike Enders

Hi Will and Jason,

Just came across this thread and wanted to chime in.  

It was a fun challenge, and I think I may have a method.

Basically, I took Gerry's base idea (using off screen items to trigger layers) and then used Montse Anderson's idea to put a quiz question on a layer.  To score the response, I used a T/F variable for each question which gets adjusted based upon the response.

Further, I used those variables to adjust a series a of auto-submitting questions tied to a results slide.

I think a great feature request would be the ability to place questions on slide layers. But in the meantime, this method may work for you..

I've attached a sample.


Mike Enders

Hi Kelly,

Here's a video going through the process.  The audio quality is a bit off (my levels were too high), but I hope it helps get you from point A to B!  This video demonstrates how to insert questions in the middle of a video.  There are a fair number of workarounds (which is cool that Storyline can do it), but the easier option is to simply cut a video into pieces and use traditional quizzing slides.



Elaine Pretty

Hi Mike, I hope you will be able to help me. I am try to create an interactive video that will be scored as they go through. What you have shown in your video is exactly what I want to do but I can't seem to get it work. I have followed your instructions but when I try to preview it stops at the first quiz page and says it is an invalid answer! I'm hoping that it is just a trigger that I have missed. Any ideas? Thank you 

Mike Enders

Hi Joyce,

MP4 is a video format and doesn't have the ability to also serve up interactive questions all by itself. That's where you'd need to leverage another tool (such as Storyline). When you see interactive video (say, on YouTube) you're actually interacting with another technology layer that is enhancing the .MP4. 

I hope this helps!


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