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Mar 14, 2013

I cannot find a tutorial for one specific thing. I have a ton of instructional videos. However, none of them contain quizzing. I want to add quiz slides throughout the video. For example, I might have a 5 minute video but need to insert a quiz slide at the 1 minute mark. User answers the question and then video should resume. I can't figure out how to do it nor can I find a tutorial or forum discussion that shows me how. My videos are mp4. 

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Camille Berrocal


I've actually been inspired by this blog and decided to take on the challenge for a class that I am developing, yet the triggers and layers and everything has proven to be much more than I could handle. 

Here are two articulate editable versions of the same project. 

In one of them I tried the true/false questions like Mike suggested and yet the second one I tried to get creative and add the triggers to multiple choice questions. 

I think I followed the instructions pretty much the same, except the following :

- Instead of referencing the layers to square outside the base I used cue points on the video. It worked like a charm. \

The problem I seem to have is that the questions are not correctly graded so I think I might have messed up the true/ false variable.  


Any help provided will be more than appreciated. 


Mike Enders

Hi Camille,

I took a look at your Multiple Choice file. A few things pop out at me:

1. You need to have a unique tracking variable for each question. Right now you only have two variables and you're changing these same variables each time a new question appears over the video. You can't track 6 questions with only 2 variables. 

2. You can also change the submit interaction trigger on each question slide to be from submit button to when the timeline starts.

3. You don't need to recreate the multiple choice questions on those slides that you'll be skipping over. Unless, of course, you want to track the answers in the LMS. If so, then the trigger situation gets a lot more complicated!

I hope this helps!


Mike Enders

So basically...

1. Create a T/F variable for each layer/question. Let's say I have 3 questions. Then I'd have:

2. On each layer, I create my MC button set and choices. And then I create the trigger to adjust that Question's T/F variable to True if the correct button is in the selected state:

3. Next, I create my 3 "real" questions that will be submitting my results. For these, I can simply create T/F questions. On each question, I have 3 simple triggers:

4. In form view of each question, I also turn off the feedback (to avoid having the feedback layers show).

This should do it. 

I didn't realize you were in SL2  (I created a mockup in SL360). So I hope the pictures help!



Katie Riggio

Good morning, Georgina!

I appreciate you sharing that this interaction type is important for your courses. Here are a few more ideas on how to unlock interactive videos:

Let us know what you think!

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