Insert Web Object not working

Dec 18, 2023

Hi All, a little help if anyone has time. 

I am writing a learning piece for SMEs on how to use Review 360. In my module I have inserted a web object to a page from a mock module that I have built and placed in Review, used the share link as the web object. The aim is that SMEs can practice using Review 260 within the learning.

When I test this in the web object insert, the link is working, but then when I send the actual module to review, it is showing as web link unavailable. 

Can we object insert within Articulate? Or does anyone have any tips on how to do this? 

The aim is to insert within the slide as its already hosted on an LMS I would rather not open another window to do this. 


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Jose Tansengco

Hello Kirsty,

Happy to help!

The Review 360 link isn't intended to be embedded as a web object which is why it isn't displaying properly in the published output of your course. One workaround is to use the option: Display in a New Browser.

If you'd like to have the course displayed on a slide, we recommend publishing to web and uploading the course to a web server. You can use a service like Amazon S3 for this purpose. Once uploaded, you can add the link to open the course as a web object in your Storyline 360 project, and this should allow the web object to load without any issues.