Inserting a New Scene Based Upon Existing Slides

Oct 25, 2016


I am still in the process of developing my course, which currently has 11 slides.

The first five (5) slides are part of the intro (Welcome, tour of the navigational buttons, learning objectives, etc.).  The first course topic (module) begins on the sixth slide, but I forgot to insert a new scene.  I've created six slides in the first course module and I want each course topic to be in separate scene.  I spent a lot of time creating triggers and inserting images on the six slides, so if possible, I want to avoid redoing my work in order for the six slides to be in their own scene.  Is there anyway for me to transfer the six slides into a separate scene?  From Story View, I tried the  drag and drop method, but it didn't work.  Thanks!

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Walt Hamilton

When you drag slides 6 - 10 from scene 1, to scene 2, they will probably revert to scene 1 because of triggers. If there is a jump from slide 5 to 6, delete that trigger, then drag them. You can drag slides from one scene to another, and it works if there are not triggers to drag them back.

If you still can't get it to work, from StoryView, copy and paste them.

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