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Diane Elkins

The images definitely would look stretched as your Storyline dimensions are 200 pixels wider than your PowerPoint dimensions.  Where is the instruction for your story size coming from?  Assuming you can't change that, here are some suggestions.

1. Instead of importing the PowerPoint slides, copy and past the individual elements from the PPT slide to the SL slide.  You'll may lose things such as timing and animations.

2. If your PowerPoint slides aren't created yet, change your PowerPoint slide size to be the same aspect ratio as your SL slides.

3. Bring your PowerPoint slides into a SL file with the default size (which matches the PPT size).  Then on the Design tab, change the story size.  When you do, in the If new size is larger, section, select Fill Background. This will keep your objects at their current aspect ratio, but put colored bars on the left and right side to take up the additional horizontal space.

Diane Elkins

In PPT 2007 or 2010, go to the Design tab and click Page Setup.  That lets you set the size of the PPT slide.  Just realize that if your slides already have content, the content will be stretched using this method as well.  But if you are building new slides with the new dimension, then everything should look fine.