Inserting Flash Games - thoughts?

Nov 08, 2013

Hey Everyone-

I looked up some posts here earlier about people inserting flash interactivities and games into Storyline, but I think I had something more complex in mind and wondered if anyone could shed some light before I start some major development.

I wanted to create a game for children, which includes custom animation cut scenes (following a learning story line, that would just be a movie file I insert), interactivity, and GAMES. But not just the simple things that Storyline can offer (and believe me, I really love to manipulate what storyline has to get some awesome stuff). But I wanted more complex games, things that kids actually see as games. Such as a "simon says" based game where your correct repeats affect the scene around you, or a maze, or solving puzzles, jigsaws, collecting items, building things, etc. This stuff needs to be created outside of Storyline, because there is complex coding involved, and I'm most comfortable building this thing in Flash. 

The problem is, we want to distribute this on a unified platform like Storyline, which would bring everything together neatly, and also there's a requirement to make it okay to use on a mobile device. I was under the impression that Flash Games could not be played on a mobile device unless specifically coded for that, or reworked in another program to make it work. But articulate does wonders for the mobile world (well, some of the mobile world). If you put in a flash game in Storyline and publish, I know that the flash game will work on a desktop because Flash Player. But will it work on a mobile device because it is running through Storyline? Or is flash disabled in storyline for mobile devices? If that's the case, if I code a mobile game in a different platform actually made for mobile games, can you import it into Storyline just like you can for flash? Or you would need to reference it?

Okay, so if flash doesn't work on mobile devices, pretend that I'm okay with that and can live with just having it on desktops. Say that I want the kid to only move on to the next slide IF he/she beats the game. No NEXT button allowed. But all the coding is done is flash. Is there a way I can send a flash variable to get converted to a storyline variable and use javascript? You know, to make sure the people are not skipping activities and actually playing the way they should. You need to level up to get to the next level, type of thing. Is that impossible? Or would my best choice be to create the entire game in Flash and just import that single game into one slide? 

I mean, these are just some questions and thoughts I have. We're still in the concept phase, and if worst comes to worst, I might need to just build this entirely not in flash or storyline to make it work the way we want, or simplify all the activities to something that can be done in storyline.

Has anyone done anything complex like this in storyline? Or perhaps tried and failed/succeeded? Any thoughts? Discussions? Am I being too idealistic with what Storyline can do? haha. 

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