Inserting master template


We already have a branded master template that we use in powerpoint. How do we import this into articulate storyline? I'm receiving the following  error message:

"The theme was not applied. It may not be a storyline theme"

Will importing themes onto slides cause problems if there is already content on there, i.e audio, text, etc


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Michael - 

As a PowerPoint theme and Storyline theme are likely different, you may want to try importing from PowerPoint as a slide, and then set up all those elements as master slides or similar. And you might want to take a look at some additional information on Using Slide Masters and Using Themes.

Michael Ashcroft

Hi Christie,


Many thanks for the response. Unfortunately we have created a lot of content within AS prior to using the template we're looking to implement. Is there a way to insert an AS template within existing content without having to re-create content/copy and paste?


Christie Pollick

Hi, Michael - 

What you may want to try is to apply the template first (as doing it after the fact may move things around, etc.) and then you could insert new slides with the template in different scenes. Then, once in the file, you could copy/paste, as sometimes copy/paste from one file to another causes issues.