Inserting PDF documents

Jun 28, 2014


I am trying to insert a 9 page PDF document into Articulate Storyline and I am having trouble with it appearing on multiple slides.

I have tired:

1. Inserting a web object - This works really well except when the user proceeds to the next slide to object is flashing like it is being refreshed for every slide. 

2. Inserting a scrolling panel - Does not remember the users position in the document. For every new slide the user is taken to the 1st page and they have to scroll down again.

Is there a way to stop the web object flashing or to get the scrolling panel to remember the users position? Or is there anything else I could try?

I don't want the document to open in a new browser window of for the user to have to click play on the web object.

Please note - I need to use different slides as I am working with screen captures and the project is to large to now use use layers.

Thank you for your help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicole and welcome to Heroes! 

At this time, it currently isn't possible to set the scroll position in a Scrolling Panel. It would make an excellent feature request though.

In regards to the PDF you're using though, have you looked at breaking it up into individual pages that could be on separate slides? 

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