Inserting Slide Numbers and Slide Titles in Storyline 2?

I've done a lot of research, but it looks like all of my findings relate to Storyline 1. Hope there is an update and a quick fix in Storyline 2.

I am looking to add slide titles and numbers to each slide in a course using variables so they automatically update.  If the course is edited later in time and a slide is added or removed or a slide title is updated, I want the variables to automatically update with no further action.  I know this can be perfomed in Captivate, but am stumped with Storyline.

My findings so far show that this can be done in Storyline, but you still need to manually go into each slide of your course to update the variable or trigger when changes are made.  This baffles me as a developer because the purpose of variables are to save time.  If I have to touch each slide, I should just manually type in the information.

In Captivate, I use $$cpInfoCurrentSlideLabel$$ for slide title and $$cpInfoCurrentSlide$$/$$cpInfoSlideCount$$ for slide number on the first slide, then have the coding display for the rest of the project.

Is there anything I am missing?  

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Mick Birch


We generate a lot of content and am really surprised that this is not an available feature. When we have clients feedback that there is regulatory or legislative error then we need to verify the slide they are currently on. This needs to be an automatic feature option and not open to manual error with longhanded numbering.

Articulate, whilst editing, automatically gives each slide in each scene a unique number and a title. If i insert a slide, the numbers update. Articulate therefore does use numbers as identifiers and these numbers should be available for use within slides.

This is going to be my single biggest headache with Storyline



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mick,

Thanks for sharing here and weighing in on this - I know it's been a common topic here in the forums, and the general thought being that since Storyline doesn't force a linear progression through a course that having the slide numbers may end up being problematic. It's definitely something you can share in the form of a feature request here. Also, there are a number of forum threads where users have shared ideas and solutions for customizing the slide numbers. This thread is a bit older, but includes a number of different options and additional discussion about the benefits/negatives of having the slide numbers. 

Mick Birch

Hi Ashley

After investing several thousands in the training for this product and my team being very advanced in the content we generate its a little insulting to feel that we aren't allowed to work with page numbers because we might mess it up (ref the links to other threads and java you have quoted). We are asking for page numbers, like you get in word, powerpoint, etc etc. Simple easy page numbers

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mick, 

I can certainly understand the frustration and need for the page numbers built in, it's something we've continued to share with our team and I know a number of users have submitted feature requests on. It sounds like you've read through a number of other threads on the issue, and the general consensus I've seen among forum users is that since Storyline is not restricted to just following a linear path, there are a number of custom ways to do it that allow for it to fit what each individual needs. 

Hopefully one of those custom methods works for you in the meantime while our team continues to evaluate options for including page numbers within Storyline. 

Bryan Mendelson

There are several methods for adding slide numbers to your project. I found the following discussion by Steve Flowers very useful for almost all my projects:

I have also included an easy to use template for those interested.