Inserting time into timeline Storyline 2


Hoping this is a simple question :)

I am wanting to insert time (seconds) at various time points in a timeline with existing objects and amimations. This used to be possible with Presenter where you could insert the amount of time and the objects/narration would be pushed back along the timeline without affecting the syncing of animations. Can this be done in Storyline 2 and if so, how can I do so. 


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Richard Hill

Hi Megan,

In SL , the two ways I know of are:

1.  Simply drag and extend the end bar ( farthest right of the timeline) the extra amount of time you need. Right click any objects on the timeline and select " show until end" , Then paste your new items at the appropriately timed insertion points. But you may still have to tweak their start and end times by dragging their right and left sides.

2. Make a layer. Place your items on it. Makes sure "pause timeline of base layer" is selected, as well as  "Hide slide layer when timeline finishes".  Adjust the end time to match what you want. This method will open a layer, play  the extra content, and then dispose of the layer and resume your main timeline again.

Hope this helps.