Can I insert time into the middle of the timeline?

Sep 23, 2020

Is it possible to insert time into the middle of the timeline?  I've built out a page with multiple objects and cue points and have come to the conclusion that I missed an object up front.

I'd like to insert 2-seconds and have all of the objects/cue points past that point adjust so they stay synced up.  

If anyone knows how to do this I'd appreciate it.


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Ren Gomez

Hi Jay,

Thanks for reaching out! There's not a way to insert time into the timeline in Storyline. This discussion is a bit older, but shares some insight and possible workarounds for your slide:

I do appreciate how having the ability to do this would help in this scenario, and I am happy to share it with my team! You can also feel free to detail them more through a feature request

Walt Hamilton

If you show a layer when the timeline starts on the slide (or at any point in the timeline), and set it to pause the base timeline, time will pass for the learner, but not the timeline.

I'm not sure what you want to have happen during those two seconds. If it is the gradual appearance of an object, put the object on the layer, have it appear, then hide the layer. Set the object on the base without an animation, and have it appear at .01 sec after the layer shows. It will look like it is animating in, the timeline will resume, and Bob's your uncle.

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