Inserting video in Test Mode

Hi, is there a way to insert a video (mp4/wmv) or screencast recorded by Camtasia into a slide in test mode? I have the recording completed and would like to import it into separate slides in test mode. I looked at all the articles, but everything I can find only refers to screencasts recorded from within Storyline. Thank you.

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Amber Starfire

Thank you, Ashley. I was hoping to be able to use resources I already have. Moving forward, I'll record in Storyline and then export the video for editing if needed.

Another question just occurred to me: If I record the screen for use in one storyline module, can I reuse it in another?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amber,

Sure. Once you've inserted the screen recording into your Storyline course, you could import just those slides into a new project to use it again. If you think you'll be using it a number of times, you may want to conduct the recording in it's own file - save that copy, and then import as needed into your Storyline courses as you work on them.