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VIAVI Sales Enablement

This is probably no longer a concern specifically for Scott after eight months, but FYI for Ashley and others (like me tonight!) who might come across this thread seeking answers for the same question, it actually isn't that buried within the ToS. I did a quick text search of a couple terms like "install" and "license," easily finding it in section 2.4:

2.4. License Limitations You may activate the Services on up to two desktop devices and up to two mobile devices at a time (maximum four total activations), provided that these activations are associated with the same Articulate ID. However, the Services may not be used simultaneously on these devices.

Happy on-the-go, multi-machine designing!  :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Thach,

Yes - the difference with a Teams license is that you may have multiple people on a team who can download and install it. Or you may remove individuals from a team seat (revoking their access to the Articulate 360 tools) and adding in another user who could then download the tools and log in with their Articulate ID.

If you're thinking of a individual vs. a Teams license - feel free to talk with our Sales team! They'll walk you through the options and help figure out what would best fit your needs.