Installing New Characters

Dec 11, 2020


I have read in other discussions that it is possible to install new bundles/packs with additional characters but am unable to source a location for these downloads.

Where can I find additional characters, if this is possible at all?

Additionally, is it possible to edit the clothing components of existing characters? For example, remove the nurse equipment from  a medical character?

Thank you to everyone for your input!

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Katie Riggio

Hello, LaserSmart 360 team!

I'm happy to answer those questions:

  1. How do I install the character packs/bundles? Are there more?
    You'll need to use the link in your product confirmation email to download the character pack or bundle installer to your computer. If you get stuck, use this link to connect with us. We're happy to send you the ZIP file and download link!

    Note: Additional character packs for perpetual licenses of Storyline and Studio are no longer available for purchase.
  2. Can you edit the clothing components of existing characters? 
    Yes, you're welcome to modify characters to suit your course needs.

For more details about character packs, check out this resource